Success Story: How Artists Can Use Social Media (Ellis Road Fibre Art)

Hosting workshops for artists and creative people in Cairns, Brisbane and Byron Bay, I’ve seen some real success stories. Today I share the story of a talented woman, Ellis Road Fibre Art. She joined one of Murashka’s social media workshops in Cairns. Her story is a good example on how to use social media as a motivation for more creation and new ideas.




Could you please tell us a bit more about yourself?

My name is Anne and my brand name is Ellis Road Fibre Art.  In a previous life, I was an art teacher and have engaged in some form artistic pursuit all my life. In a studio set in the rainforest of Far North Queensland, Australia, I weave baskets and bilums using natural materials found in the forest, or coloured yarns.

Why did you choose to learn more about social media in the first place?

As most artists will agree, marketing your own work can be daunting. Finding galleries to hang or show art work can be downright terrifying for some. Craft markets are a lot of work that tie you down with uncertain returns for your efforts.

Social media provides a quick, simple platform to engage with other practitioners, to develop a network (or join one!) of like minded souls, and to develop a profile that expands way beyond the local community.


What impact does social media have on your creative work today?

As an artist working in isolation, for me the impact of social media was immediate!

The network of textile artists, that I quickly found, spans Australia and the globe. Communicating with them daily, their support, encouragement and collaboration online have been inspirational and motivating. I have found new purpose and joy in my creative work. As a direct result of social media, I will be providing a mini workshop teaching bilum weaving in Brisbane later this month and I have been offered my first commission!

What advice would you give to other artist who want to start using social media for their creative work?

Social media a rich resource and tool for practicing artists. Not only do artists use social media, but consumers do too –  galleries, interior designers, retailers as well as individuals. The beauty of it is, you can engage in this platform from anywhere at all at a time that suits you. Once set up, it is quick, easy, and immediate with huge potential. And it is fun! Do give it a try!

Check out more of Anne’s work on Instagram and Facebook!

SOCIAL MEDIA WORKSHOPS FOR ARTISTS: Art is creation, it’s not about selling a product. It’s about sharing a part of yourself, a bit of your story and your vision. Social media has to be done in accordance to that. If done right, you can create real connections and real exchange. It’s a dialogue, and it can be beautiful.  Check here for coming workshops and free webinars!